Friday, 21 September 2012

How to choose the best nail polish color


In todays beauty market there are thousands and thousands of nail polish colors to choose from. The question is which color to choose and which color suites you best? There are different occasions when you have to consider which color to choose. You can match it to your wardrobe, skin color, match it to your lipstick even match it to season and trends.
Choose nail polish according to your skin color: if you have a fair skin you will look the best if you choose lighter shades, such as pink, blue undertones as well as berry red shades. Choose lighter colors for the day and darker more dramatic shades for the evening.
If you have darker skin that has more olive undertones you should consider russet and gold shades. These colors will underline your beautiful olive skin.
If you have dark skin you should choose rich, deep and vibrant colors, red and purple ones are the best.
Choose nail polish based on your wardrobe: go through your closet and see what color clothes dominate it. You should choose your nail polish color according to what you wear, this way you will be more consistent and look coordinated. You don’t necessarily have to buy the same color nail polish as your clothes, just match the shades and you will look great.
Choose based on your lipstick color: if you are not sure what nail polish to buy look at your lipstick collection. If your lipstick color looks great, than you should get the same or similar colored nail polish. You will match you lips and nails and it will look great with your skin tone.
Nail polish color based on season and trends: during summer time lighter colors are usually more popular and dark colors are more popular during colder moths of the year. Choose pale, lavender and translucent colors to look good. If you are unsure what is trendy at that time get a manicure with a professional. Professional will always know whats the trendiest color and look for the season, you will get the best advice that will fit you perfectly.
If you want to experiment on your own, simply buy cheap nail polishes at your local store and apply to your nails. When you determine which colors work best for you, you can buy more expensive polishes and wear them anywhere you go.
Selection based on the event or occasion: it is different when you go to the class, to a job interview or to the party. For you job interview or job hours you should consider very pale colors or the best choice – clear polish. This polish will make your nails look neat and tidy but will not attract unnecessary attention. If you go to the class you can allow some color but not too much. Different story for the parties, for this occasion you should choose those colors you never had the opportunity or courage to wear before. In a party environment you can experiment with colors and have fun.

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