Friday, 21 September 2012

Autumn makeup tips


The new season is already here and it is not only about clothes. Metallic colors, red lips and expressive eyebrows is what will be popular this autumn. If you want to look gorgeous and get the attention you desire here are some of my new makeup tips for this fall.
Red lipstick
Powder your lips and apply liner as close to your lip as possible. Make sure that your lip liner is matching your lip shade. Apply one layer of red lipstick to your lips and blot it with tissue. To finish off apply a second layer. You can also apply concealer to sharpen the edges of your lips.
Metallic colors for eyes
Start from sheer base on the lid and the brow arch to crate highlight. Run a line close to the base of your laches for the full length of your eye. Smidge the lines until they are soft and make sure that the horizon effect is going from dark to light. For a greater effect apply black liner in between the lashes on the top lid.
Powerful brows
Use a brow pencil that matches your natural brow color and draw in the line. Your strokes should be light and feathery, also use powdered eye shadow to go over the line. Eye shadow should be as close as possible to your hair color. Stroke the shadow lightly from the inner corner of the brow along the entire length to fill it, use stiff angled brush. To finish off and give lift to your eye brow stroke some color along the upper edge of your brows.
Nail polish
Metallic colors are popular for nail polishes too. Choose colors that you like the most and the ones that would match your wardrobe. Matte top coat polishes are becoming more and more popular this season.

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