Monday, 13 June 2011

Do You Know What Your Really Buying?

Hey Beauties! Can I ask you something, do you know what your really buying and what your getting ? Well Im going to talk about products that are being sold which they are gimicks and fake.
So the first product I'm going to talk about is Mac Cosmetics.
Some people are selling it or so they say but is it really MAC....
NO... its not. I'm not sure if they know either but it is fake MAC makeup , you can only buy MAC COSMETICS at or at a mac store ,
So if you see online that people are selling them do not buy it, yea it might be cheap but it is not the real deal . You don't even know whats in the product but it is bad for your skin because they just put random ingredients and they make it there own. If you want a mac product just go to the mac cosmetic store because your going to get the real thing worth the money.
There is a few things that you can tell that its fake.
First take a look at the bottom of the products, they have a sticker with the name of the product
like in this picture below

SORRY I dont have a picture of the real product but on the bottom they have a big sticker matching whatever product container and it has the name , ingredients, and mac cosmetic on there.
But sadly some sellers are trying really hard to make it look like the real thing but dont be fooled.
Second most product will be smaller or bigger then the real thing, or the container is a little different
but just know to
buy mac makeup from anyone only
and for those of you who do not know there is no mac palette set at all .
So I dont know if any of you guys seen like 66, 88, or whatever number of mac palette, its not real , mac does not have one at all!!!!
Other makeup you see selling online like chanel, dior, etc those are fake too.But it at Macy's or other stores like that.
Okay so another thing I bet some of you dont know about hair products.
So tell me , do you guys buy bed head, Redken, paul mitchell,chi, and other salon prodects are fake/conterfieted. But only at stores such as Target,Walmart,Walgreen, any drug/grocery stores. Yea I bet you guys can not believe it. But they are fake , so by now you all are probably wondering why they have it or why no one hasnt done anything about it, but the companies are trying stop them from selling and the stores dont care they just want money. So again what is really in there, once again the make the bottles looking like the real thing but the ingredients they just mix other stuff in there which means your putting dirt and BACTERIA in your hair. Yea some of them might see good but thats just a gimick so you can buy them.
If you use or want to but them you need to buy them at a SALON or a BEAUTY SCHOOL....
but please do not buy them at stores like the ones i said
they are FAKE
I want you all to have great and clean hair so please dont
iif you dont believe me you can probably google it i dont know.
You might not be able to tell the different but most fake products are a different color them the real thing , if you used something and it didnt work or it hardly worked the main thing is that it was probably fake.

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