Tuesday, 3 May 2011

When ART Meets Jewelry


You may not have heard of Ananda Khalsa Jewelry. You may not have seen her work till now, www.Anandakhalsa.com. Her phenomenal work is breathtaking to behold because each piece isn't just a piece of jewelry. It's much more than a ring, bracelet, necklace, pin, pendent or a pair of earrings. Each is a unique piece of art that is hand painted images done on paper set behind hand ground glass and set in sterling or fine silver. Often the pieces are been further embellished with semi-precious stones and high karat gold- making them even more ornate yet entirely streamlined. Every piece features an hand-mark on the reverse side indicating that handiwork of Ananda Khalsa.

The artwork itself is done by Khalsa and is inspired by natural plant and animals that are symbolic images known and used in many cultures going back for centuries. Each image has a special significance and it's symbolism is explained on the website.

These stunning tiny pieces of artwork become more precious over time and seem to feel more like heirlooms to be handed down from generation to generation. Each one is created individually and so is a unique piece of art- perhaps similar to another of the same style but still with unique details.
Shown here is the Teardrop Lotuses with Pink Tourmalines
Presented on 15 1/2 in. chain with sterling dots, and is accented with 3 pink tourmaline briolettes. Painting is approx. 3/4 inch tall. $210
Hangs approx. 1 inch, and are accented with pink tourmaline rondelles. $208.00
Painting is approx. 2/3 inches tall. Available in sizes 5-10. $170.00

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