Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Variation; Panache of Latest Fashion in Pakistan


Pakistani fashion has gone through a transition from last few decades, as we can observe a considerable increase in number of latest fashion trends changing every week that were almost non-existent few years back.

Whether we talk about imminent trends in traditional Pakistani dresses or haute couture of fashion shows variation is what we can call charisma of latest fashion in Pakistan. Variation is the spice of life and with the changing weather conditions in Pakistan a transition of latest fashion is what we are observing in spring/summer fashion 2011. Pakistani fashion has a great margin of incorporating style in it that make them trendy for every occasion.

Latest fashion in Pakistan is a hodgepodge of exquisite imagination knot with tasteful colors to make it inclinational and in vogue. Pakistani dresses, with an unlimited variety, have their own identity that makes them stand in the world. Fashion designers are experimenting with chic and vogue for Spring/Summer fashion 2011 to give them a fusion that always remains a mark of Pakistani fashion design. A combination of cultural dresses mix with latest fashion will be a score of Spring/Summer fashion 2011 to give them an infinite variation. Pakistani fashion is very dynamic, since years pass, elegance of its traditions still remains the same. No matter what type of dress we select, Shalwar kameez is still going to rule in Spring/Summer fashion 2011. Continue reading…

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