Thursday, 26 May 2011

I Think I’ll Take a Sunbath with Lancome Star Bronzer Natural Matte in 03


I guess Lancome really wanted to cover all of their bronzing bases this summer because they released a whopping six Star Bronzers ($35 each) — three with their Natural Matte finish, and three with a finish called Natural Glow.
Gotta love having a wide range of options, right? Especially when it comes with a cool design on the pan.
One option, however, that Lancome did not include with these is a less expensive one, as $35 seems like a lot (the MAC Bronzing Powders cost $23; Urban Decay Baked Bronzers, $26).
For these, Lancome used a blend of mineral pigments and something they call “absorbent micro-spheres,” which is fancy talk for something that’s supposed to keep them looking and feeling smooth for a long time. I gotta say, the shade I tried, Natural Matte in 03 Sunbath, does look and feel pretty great — silky, and not heavy or chalky at all. It’s a warm orangey brown with red undertones, and I’m a little surprised by how much I like it, considering the finish is matte (I usually prefer bronzers with a little shimmer because I think it makes them easier to use).