Thursday, 26 May 2011

How to Remove Excess Mascara from Your Eyelids Without Messing Up Your Makeup


Don’t you hate it when you finish your eye makeup and then go to put on your mascara and accidentally swipe the brush against your lids or your lower lash line?
Maybe it’s just because I’m uncoordinated and always in a hurry, but I do it all the time. To clean up the extra bits and bobs of mascara along my lower lash lines and lids that these mascara mishaps cause, I used to lightly dab a Q-tip moistened with makeup remover on the trouble spot(s), but I was never in love with that method. It was unprecise (like wielding a club in my clumsy hands), and whenever I used it I usually ended up also disrupting my eyeshadow, primer and concealer, too.
Yesterday I tried a new technique, and so far I love the results! Thankfully, it only took, oh, 22 years of wearing makeup to figure this out. Better late than never, I suppose. :)
Now, I dampen a thin concealer brush with eye makeup remover (you could even moisten the brush with a makeup remover wipe), and then carefully use the brush to precisely apply makeup remover to the problem areas. Then, using a pointed eyeshadow eye brush like the MAC 219, I lift away any excess product now loosened up by the remover.