Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Fashion and Trendy Bangles 2011


The beauty and style of a lady is incomplete without jewellery especially of bangles as they add colour, spark and vibrancy to her persona and life. The year of 2011 brings forward bangles 2011 which are simply classy and trendy.

The hand of an Eastern woman looks lifeless and empty without bangles 2011 as they give her a ‘marital glow’ and bring colour to her eyes. Latest bangles are just like bracelets but they are tougher in construction and one doesn’t need a clip or a latch to fit it as a wrist accessory. There are numerous bangles designs in market which you can pair with whatever style statement you want to make.

2011 bangles come in variety beginning from leather hand-painted bangles, wooden bangles, Elegance Pandora Bangle, plastic bangles, gold or silver alloy bangles and you name it. The bangles designs have numerous colours like red, blue, green, white, gold silver, black and you name it. One of the most prominent colours of latest bangles 2011 is a metallic colour which gives you a more corporate or trendy kind of a look and can be worn on all occasions. Continue reading…

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  1. Hi,

    These trendy artificial bangles are made according to the on going fashion and latest trends, due to which these bangles are widely demanded by all. People of old are used to wear bangles made from different metals. This is also a traditional fashion and is very popular in the women. Thanks a lot...