Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Debra Messing's Red Carpet Look


According to the press release on HP"s website, "The new look in digital clutch chic marries two cultures - fashion and technology - to reflect a transformative spirit and sophisticated lifestyle. It fuses high fashion, small form factor and innovative function to take the personal computer from a necessity to a lifestyle statement for modern-day women on the go." I don"t know about all that, but I will say that I appreciate the toned-downed aesthetics on this notebook unlike last year"s blaring pink number.

The butterfly motif on gold background is based on the classic Chinese love story concerto "Butterfly Lovers." No word on yet on actual release date or pricing, but if the Tam 2009 netbook is any example, expect to shell out an extravagant amount of cash for a basic setup in a pretty shell.

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